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To My Love....AstroTurf

Many of you may not know my beloved. Him and I are ocean and sand. I must admit that we spent many an evenings together in the dim-lit room laughing and joking with all my heart's desire. You see, he is the Adonis that I have always wanted. Oh, how to describe thee. I would begin by describing him as a 5'2 stud of pure man. He smiles, showing nothing but the slightly small gap in his teeth, but it's a smile of love. His laugh, oh how to describe the laugh that makes his slightly rounded belly shake. It is infectious, you can't help but to laugh. But most of all, my beloved comes barring gifts. He brings the sweet nectar that makes me giddy. My love tries to bring his mother and I together to speak of all the wonderful qualities my love has. Now, who couldn't love a man like that. But more importantly, he shows me how much he cares by willingly and lovingly showing me the pictures of the men's butts he has on his cell phone. You see, my beloveds day job is to take care of the AstroTurf for the Cinn. Reds. And to show me that he sits in the dugout, he took pictures. Nothing but butt! The love makes me tear up....

Ok...Clarification, beloved is the waiter at the local eatery/bar we go to. He is 5'2, gaped tooth, slightly rounded, and has offered to let me talk with his mother. To clear the air, I did not find that sweet and the laugh is not WITH him. The sweet nectar is the alcohol that I ordered and pay for. It makes me giddy for obvious reasons. And...the pictures on his cell phone are indeed as described. Ladies, he is single if you want him (big shocker).

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posted by Sonya @ 3/13/2007 12:07:00 PM,


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