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Dear Emma,

Dear Emma,

Although you are only days old, I have started to dream for you. In the moments that you sleep, I dream of all that you will become. I make wish lists and plan the moments I hope will become some of your fondest memories. Above all, I dream you will have a life where you think nothing is missing. I have many hopes and dreams for you and wait for the future.

Emma, here are a few of my hopes for you.....

I hope you learn to laugh at yourself as much as possible
I hope you realize that life has many ups and downs and to dwell on the downs takes away from the ups
I hope you fall head over heals in love at least once and have something to look back on with a smile
I hope you travel to more countries than the one you were born in
I hope you experience a freedom that no other can describe to you
I hope you dance because it makes you feel happy
I hope you find something in this world that you truly feel makes you whole, that makes you want to get up each morning and leaves you with a sense of excitement every night
I hope you learn to listen to nature and respect all that it can give you
I hope you feel independent and that no obstacles can stand in your way
I hope you can sit alone in the evening and be content
I hope you appreciate the simple things in life
I hope you realize all the love and joy that animals can bring
I hope you learn that you life can hold so much more than what is in front of you
I hope you realize that your family will move heaven and earth to keep you all costs.

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posted by Sonya @ 7/10/2007 11:21:00 PM,


At July 11, 2007 at 12:55 PM, Blogger Sakshi said...

I hope she gets each and every one of that wish :D


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