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This year has been an exciting year while at the same time has been a little scary. Anyone that knows me, knows that I like things changing. I always adapt well and move along to whatever life throws at me. This year has had no less of the usual curveballs. The year started with me wondering if I would graduate with my master's at the expected time and if I would then go on to graduate school to get my Ph.D. Those are tough decisions with the first just depending on if I work hard enough. The second is again one of those moments that determine your life's path. Do I make the choice, is it the right choice and will I regret the choice I finally make. I know that no one has all the answers and that life is half about choice and half about chance. And from the past... good luck has not been on my side very often. None the less, I made the decision to do my Ph.D at University of Kentucky. I can say without any reservations that I made the right decision. Not only is my advisor great, but I have made some great friends along the way so far.
My friends...I already have so many great memories in just the past few months. I am very sad that some have moved away, are in the process of moving away and will be moving in a few short months. It makes me sad to think of how things are going to change. You have made the time when things are hardest, the most memorable. We have laughed at things that no one else would find funny..and laughed we did until our eyes watered and sometimes liquid flew out of our noses...sorry about that. I am sooo going to miss you! I wish all of you the best and hope everything turns out exactly the way you want it to.
D.P. you have made me laugh so many times until my sides hurt...and at things people thought we were crazy...maybe we were. I wish and hope that everything is great for you in the big beyond that some call the real world. I am really going to miss you. It has been great to have some one with my same sense of humor. Our lab is not going to be the same without you.
The Indian version of me....I have had a lot of fun these last couple of months. I will really miss you when you leave...I can't begin to imagine this place once I don't have you to get all my sarcastic comments with out the long explanation that inevitibly follows with everyone else. It's funny that often times you say the exact things that I am way I think that makes me slower than you...damn you foiled my plot again.'s has been funny when you know what I'm thinking before I even get a chance to say out world..there are two...introvert.....really?
Actin.. It has been a great year so far... we have laughed so many times, that I sometimes forget that it's graduate school. I am happy that you are not leaving in the very near future...if you left too this place would be unbareable. Especially with Foggy coming in.
But I can't forget to mention the others that are very important to me....
Jason.. You are by far my best friend and I miss you very much...I miss our very long conversations where you seem to pull out every deep and dark secret that I somehow think about keeping. You just always seem to know before I tell you do you do it??
Rima...I miss our nights out on the town and those others where we could have fun doing absolutely nothing. I hope that we stay friends for a long time.
So what I'm to say is that I value all my friends..from the distant past to the not so distant past and the current ones now. Anyone that knows me, understands that I don't try to have a lot of friends (personality problems) but that I have a few really, really good ones. I value friendship so much more than anything else.
For those of you not mentioned specifically...I will be talking about you in future blogs...I will try to put those most memorable moments out there for the rest to will be in here soon...but I miss you too!


posted by Sonya @ 12/18/2006 02:39:00 PM,


At December 18, 2006 at 4:08 PM, Blogger Sakshi said...

Thank you, the American ME..
I am now sure God does not exist (who the heck would have made two of us :P)

At December 18, 2006 at 6:09 PM, Anonymous D.P. said...

You're too nice, trust me you too, have made me laugh extremely hard!!! Although, I have been able to keep my fluids inside me while laughing!!!!

I will miss everyone too! But luckily my parents also live here and thus will be back to visit the lab often:) Sorry.

Oh, and every one of your blogs is a freakin' book!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. D.P. (hehe)

At December 20, 2006 at 5:58 PM, Anonymous Actin said...

I too am awfully glad that you have come to the lab and will be there for a while. It is extremely difficult to have good friends leave, but if there are others to take their place, it's not so hard. Hope we keep having such good times together which help us get through grad school.


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